Saturday 15 April and Sunday 16 April 2023


With creative thinking and a wish to re-use plants and materials, garden beds have been shaped around existing trees creating an informal cottagey feel that is perfect for the old stone home with its rustic verandas and outbuildings. Low hedges are used to edge and add definition to the flower filled beds. Recycled red brick […]

Kent Town

A long narrow space in front of the house has been thoughtfully designed as a welcoming entrance with the focal point a stylish in-built seat. Shaded by a mature crepe myrtle the semi- circular seat has transformed the area into an attractive and usable outdoor room.  The tranquil trickling of a small copper water feature […]


Designed to provide street appeal in-keeping with the neighbouring properties as well as easy access to the house, this is a modern twist on a traditional cottage garden. Hardscaping has been kept to a minimum and the focus is on a charming and colourful mix of hardy perennial flowering plants. A hedge and Liriope-lined stepper […]

Port Willunga

A mix of Mediterranean water efficient plants, natural, recycled and local materials blend beautifully to create this classy yet sustainable back garden. The slight slope of the land has been used to advantage to introduce interest through different surface levels with Willunga slate drystone walls retaining the garden beds. A patio is paved with recycled […]


In keeping with the classic old home and its modern extension, the garden is a blend of traditional and contemporary elements.  Crisply clipped hedges create definition and some formality to an abundance of roses and pretty colourful perennials.  Two playful sculptures by artist Gerry McMahon are given prominence with stone-filled gabions and strategically placed jarrah […]