Saturday 15 April and Sunday 16 April 2023

St Michael’s College – Reflective Garden

and SA Waterscapes


Henley Beach

About the garden

Area: 30m2 approx.
Annual rainfall: 440mm approx.

Through a collaborative and student-led consultation, DAS Studio and their team explored the idea of a garden for reflection in this stunning project. The brief of a connection to water and with flexibility to be used as an outdoor classroom led to the creation of a garden sheltered away from the everyday noise and commotion of the school. One that facilitates a disconnect from technology, where trickling water imbues a sense of calm and a place for pause from the everyday.

Renowned for their expertise in constructing water features that imitate nature, SA Waterscapes then created an alluring watercourse as the centrepiece of the St Michael’s College Reflective Garden. Biologically filtered water gently trickles along a rocky stream bed through several little waterfalls and under a bridge to a tranquil pond that is home to aquatic plants, fish and frogs. The soothing sound of water has added a sense of calm, restfulness and wellbeing in this lovely quiet green space dedicated to learning and reflection.

About the professionals