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Caroline Dawes

Caroline Dawes founded Caroline Dawes Gardens in 2002 and since then, has designed and constructed over 100 gardens in Adelaide and Country SA since then. 

Caroline is passionate about her gardens and her approach to design is both creative and practical while maintaining a down-to-earth approach with all her gardens. An award-winning and qualified Landscape Designer, Caroline has 22 years of experience and formal qualifications in Design and Horticulture, which she completed while raising her 2 boys.  Her desire to be a stay-at-home Mum created the opportunity to work on her previous large home garden which was included in the Australian Open Garden Scheme for over 7 years and hosted garden weddings and tours.  Caroline feels this period of intensive gardening was her greatest teacher, showing her the best ways to work the soil and choose plants that worked, rather than those she coveted!  She now is the proud owner of a very small, south-facing garden, further teaching the very hard lesson of restraint!

Caroline has forged a reputation for her elegant and timeless gardens which are unique to the client, the site and the architecture, with the design evolving as the client relationship builds. She enjoys designing a range of garden styles – Mediterranean, Contemporary, Formal or Informal.  Caroline is a multi-award-winning designer having won 14 awards since 2010.  Her aim is to help the world and the people in it, one garden at a time!  She has structured her business so that more people have access to good design with a variety of services on offer.  She believes that a beautiful outdoor living area is as important as a beautiful kitchen!

Her garden designs have appeared in several publications; SA Life, and SA Gardens (including a hardback publication), and have been featured on television programs including the ABC Gardening Show and regularly on SALife TV.


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